RS2Bot 2.0

Powerful, feature-rich, effective and yet free runescape bot.
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2.0 (See all) has developed a free runescape bot for everyone to use.
This smart RuneScape bot has the power to do all random events, built-in breaks, and much more. We release all of our runescape bots free. All you have to do is download the bot below and install it. There's no messing with Java and variables on your computer, the installer below will setup the recommended java settings and everything for you! Popular scripts include: Runescape Autominer, Autofighter, AutoChopper, and more!

Main features:

- Easy to install - no messing with Java environment variables
- No compiling scripts, they're built-in
- Virtual undetectable by JaGeX (with safe botting)
- Powerful Bots: random walking routes.
- Includes compass movement, random event handler, misclicks.
- Built-In Breaks
- Always updated
- Download Free: RS2Bot (Runescape bot).

Powerful, feature-rich, effective and yet free runescape bot.

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